Credit scoring

Credit scoring enables faster, more effective decision-making and allows for the use of client data to better predict payment behavior and assess default probabilities.



BFC develops tailored scoring models based on the customer data of each financial institution, specifically taking into account the unique characteristics of target customers in a way that minimizes errors.

We offer the following scoring models for financial institutions

  • Statistical credit scoring (retail, micro and agricultural loans)
  • Expert scoring for retail and MSEs
  • Expert scoring for agricultural loans

BFC clients and partners implement credit scoring to

Standardize and simplify loan approval processes

Increase staff efficiency

Improve the loan decision-making model

Reduce loan application processing time

Reduce loan application processing costs


Statistical scoring is a quantitative risk measurement tool that allows for data to be used in a wide range of actions when assessing a customer. These include forecasting customer behavior, managing credit risks and targeting marketing efforts.

Key requirements for building an effective scoring model

  • Sufficient number of non-performing loans (1,000+ per given loan product)
  • Staff capacity to implement and monitor scoring
  • 1–2 years of data on both customers and credit parameters

Expert scoring builds a scorecard based on expert experience (generally used in the absence of sufficient customer data).

Credit scoring components


We take a holistic approach when implementing scoring projects, offering expert recommendations to improve the credit process. These include recommendations on:

  • Modernizing decision-making
  • Increasing the level of credit process automation
  • Improving business processes

BFC approach to scoring development and implementation

  • Data evaluation
  • Data cleaning
  • Variable analysis
  • Scorecard building
  • Usage strategy development
  • Model description development
  • Staff training
  • Scoring performance monitoring

Qualitative Effect

Significant reduction in the burden placed on underwriters and loan officers

Accumulation and proper storage of important customer data

Decision-making automation


As BFC tailors each solution to our client’s needs, we do not offer a fully packaged product. Instead, we work with our clients to create a unique solution that works for them.

The cost of services usually depends on the source data used to build scoring; however, we do everything in our power to provide our clients with the best possible prices and the highest quality products and services.

Contact person:

Peter Houser
Senior Bank Advisor and Analytics Expert

We encourage you to reach out to us; we will be happy to discuss with you the best scoring model to suit your needs.

We hope to hear from you soon.